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Hospice Africa 


Hospice Africa (HA), is a UK charity, founded in 1992 by Professor Anne Merriman MBE. HA, registered as a charity in 1993, is based on Merseyside where acts principally as a fund-raiser. The vision for Hospice Africa is “Palliative care for all in need in Africa”. This is to be done through a model in one country which would be culturally and economically acceptable and accessible. From the model country, training would carry African palliative care to the other African countries. Uganda was chosen for the model, with the support of the Ministry of Health. Morphine powder was imported for the first time, and the service commenced in September 1993

Hospice Africa funding for palliative care in sub-Saharan Africa Since 1995 HA has sent over five million pounds (at 2018 value) to Africa, mostly to HAU. In addition HA has sent an estimated five hundred thousand pounds of goods, mainly medical supplies. HA also provides advice and support to assist the development of PC wherever possible in sub-Saharan Africa.2 In particular HA has acted as a point of contact for the many hundreds of UK citizens wishing to volunteer at HAU. Over a period of years HA has received donations a wide range of individual donors, other religious or charitable organisations, corporate donors and the UK government for which it is extremely grateful. HA helps fund a model of PC which is low cost or free at the point of care. HA advocates the home-care and day-care service, as demonstrated by HAU, since in-patient care, on the UK model, is both impractical with very restricted medical expertise available and far too expensive.

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