Southport Foodbank

St John’s Church, Ainsdale is proud to support Southport Foodbank

Please consider donating any of these items, or anything else if you are able to this week.
You can drop donations off at church throughout the week when the church is open, but especially on Thursday and Sunday mornings for services!

Thank you all

The Foodbank’s aim is to help local people in crisis by providing three day’s basic food supplies. We offer this in a friendly, non-judgemental environment where clients are welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and through a chat with one of our trained, volunteer advisers we hope to be able to support them both by practical help with food and by signposting to other partner, specialist agencies where their difficulties can be resolved or alleviated.

We have six distribution centres, geographically spread through the area and open on different days of the week. If you have any items that you would like to donate to the local Foodbank, please bring them into church on either a Thursday or Sunday morning at our service times. Thank You 

In addition to this we are now able to assist clients who may have debt problems by assisting them to budget and negotiating with their creditors, removing some of the stress.

Our service is both free and totally confidential and clients can come to us with confidence and without stigma.